Songs for our planet - in a pivotal time

by Jesse Richards

Green Nation

He’s a radio DJ and he’s been reading the news:
ice caps melting, acidified oceans rising,
coral reefs dying, whales choked on plastic…
He leans into the microphone,
"Earth's on fire,

and it'll take an epic force for good

to solve this thing!

Contact the station now and let us know —
Are you in?


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"Devon at the Mic"

Author: Richards

Photographer: Magdalena Marino

© 2018 J. Richards. All Rights Reserved.

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© Richards, Photo by Magdalena Marino
© Photo by Heyn

Eagle and the Condor

A teacher and healer who carries his tribe’s ancient teachings who

comes from a people who can still

hear the voices of nature —
stands facing a group of college students… and begins to speak…

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Author: Heyn Photo, photographer 1899

Title: Sun Flower, Native American man, half-length portrait, facing left Abstract/medium: 1 photographic print.,_Native_American_man,_half-length_portrait,_facing_left_LCCN92508798.tif

Original source: Library of Congress:

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© Photo by Maxim Družij  zoner

Something Worth Fighting For 

You’re in the ultimate love relationship; she carries you from birth to death, and in between,

provides everything you’ll need in your life… And now when she needs you most… do you turn away, or lean back in and step up for her?

Bird Thing

You are a seabird. You fish. The ocean is your home, your life, your joy, your sustenance. 

Today the surface looks different, but you know fish are down there somewhere… 


You sense something is wrong, but will you dive anyway?

The Sixth Extinction

 "The Sixth extinction or Anthropocene extinction, is a current event, and is one of the most significant extinction events in the history of the Earth. This ongoing extinction of species coincides with the present Holocene epoch (approx. 11,700 years), and is mainly a result of human activity."

Wikipedia contributors. (2019, April 11). Holocene extinction. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

Retrieved 16:21, April 16, 2019, from

Cosmic Body of Life

An Invitation

Let's help save Endangered Species by doing these 10 things.

Will you join us?

© Photo by ArendV 0514


Whenever I hear of another animal injured, killed, or made extinct at the hands of humanity,  I feel as though my heart is bleeding… But I imagine that sorrow is nothing compared to what its parent must feel…

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 Zero Footprint Man

This is based on tales of a local guy
who made it his mission to live
a zero footprint life.
Since it was way before there was
much talk about climate change,
how did he know?..
Was he listening to the Earth more deeply
than the rest of us had been?…

© Photo by Richard Van Der Spuy
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Author: Vanderspuyr, via Wikimedia

Photographer: Richard Van Der Spuy

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A Dare

 Since reducing meat and dairy consumption will help prevent climate change...

Dare 1: Go vegan for a month and report what happens…. (Too hard? Ok, then eat two more vegan meals a week for a month and report back how it goes…) Dare 2: Dance in your kitchen while cooking a vegan meal —

like the folks in this next video did!...

Vegan Cooking Club

A Challenge

Go Zero Footprint

Here, this may       


Everything about her stems from harmony
She sees the connections —

All life is a web of light
pulsing with consciousness,

love, mystery...
Love pours from her and back to her
as she weaves her way
through all the luminous threads

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© Photo by Fortepan

Author: Neven Krcmarek

image was slightly cropped, and contrast slightly darkened.

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© Photo by Neven Krcmarek

 Man In the Moon

They say a huge mass the size of Mars crashed into Earth
and a piece of her body floated off into lunar space
They say it’s the Man in The Moon
who keeps a distant watch
over all our tribulations…
But what does he see and feel,

and where does he go
when the Moon goes dark?…

© Photo by J. Richards

Perfectly Beautiful

Galaxies in a dewdrop
Fractals streak the sky
Golden ratios unfurling in ferns, shells, storms
Sweet sounds and wild symphonies emerge
Beauty that’s almost too much to bare
Blink, open, see
Give thanks

Photo Credit

"Pink Asters"

Author: Richards

Photographer: Jesse Richards

© 2018 J. Richards. All Rights Reserved.

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© Photo by Peter Freiman
© Photo by CSB

What are you Waiting For?

Earth is on fire!
Help! Calling 7 billion pairs of hands to put it out.
It’s up to you, and me, and you,
and you, and you, and you, and you…..

© Photo by Mark Koch

One Earth

One Earth
One body of life expressed through

trillions of forms
Everyday a homecoming celebration
In this tapestry of life

Photo Credit

Author: Mark Koch

Photographer: Mark Koch

"Lake Louise — River near Mountains"

This file is licensed under the Unsplash License

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All songs on One Earth were written by Jesse Richards.

Jesse Richards - vocals, guitar, piano, synth;  Mario Resto - guitar, bass, drums, percussion; 

Geoff Michael - engineer, guitar, drum sequencing;  Magdalena Mario - violin; 

Matthew Steward - drums (on song One Earth);  Jason Jfunnk Boekeloo - bass, guitar, synth (Bleed, Jane, One Earth)

One Earth was recorded at Big Sky Recording Studio


All songs © J. Richards 2018. All Rights Reserved.

No portion can be copied, recorded or used without the written permission of the artist.

Bodhi on stairs.jpg

     Richards is a prolific musician and artist who transits many fields - vocalist, composer, performance artist, dancer, and sculptor. She lives in Michigan with her husband, Joseph Curtin, and their beloved dog, Miko Angelo.

     In One Earth she collaborated most heavily with multi instrumentalist, Mario Resto and engineer/guitarist Geoff Michael. Additional musicians on One Earth include Matthew Steward, Magdalena Marino, and Jason JFunnk Boekeloo.


     One Earth is the first release of a broader 7 CD project called, Safe In the World. Richards says, "Since 'One Earth' deals with our relationship with our home in the largest context, as well as our attention to her well-being, I thought this was a natural entree for the project…." The remaining Safe In the World CD's are due to be released throughout 2021 and 2022.

"Bodhi keeps watch" © J. Richards. All Rights Reserved.


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Love the Earth

Rise, Green Nation. Rise!

Love One Another

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