"We are the people, we love the planet,

we've come together to save the world.
We come from every place,

we are the force of change,
and we will live sustainably!"

Lyrics from Green Nation

A New CD by Jesse Richards

 -  2018 Release -


The CD begins with “Green Nation,” a shout-out to the emerging global community intent on stopping climate change. It closes with the title track – a love song for the planet. “Eagle and the Condor” is inspired by an indigenous healer’s eye-opening lecture at a mid-western college campus. “Bird Thing” looks at an oil spill through the eyes of a hungry seabird on the brink of diving for food. In “Cosmic Body of Life,” aka “You Think You'll Live Without Me,” the countless species threatened by the Sixth Extinction remind us that we won’t. “Man in the Moon” bears witness to earthly events from an unearthly perspective, while “Zero Footprint Man” celebrates a purposeful life that leaves not a mark on the planet, besides love. One Earth’s songs of unity, possibility, devastation, and hope, together create a musical road-map through the Anthropocene epoch. The album reminds us that miracles are possible when people work together for the greater good.

The international grassroots movement to protect the earth is on the rise. Here are songs that fuel the momentum - songs that unite, energize, and inspire!

In "One Earth," singer/songwriter, Jesse Richards, weaves tales of unity, possibility, devastation, and hope. Songs told from a variety of perspectives - a collage of creatures, human, seabird, bear, and the moon - highlighting unique experiences of the changes occurring on Earth.

Green Nation - Demo - Jesse Richards
Eagle and the Condor - Demo - Jesse Richards
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Bird Thing - Demo - Jesse Richards
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Zero Footprint Man - Demo - Jesse Richards
What Are You Waiting For - Demo - Jesse Richards
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One Earth - Demo - Jesse Richards
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Vegan Cooking Club - Demo - Jesse Richards
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One Earth is available on Apple itunes, Amazon, Google Music Store, and CD Baby.


Cosmic Body of Life

Cosmic Body of Life

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     Richards is a prolific musician and artist from Michigan who transits many fields - vocalist, composer, performance artist, dancer, and sculptor.

     As in all her recordings and concerts, she draws upon some of the very best talent in the midwest; in the case of One Earth she collaborated most heavily with multi instrumentalist, Mario Resto and engineer/guitarist Geoff Michael.

Additional musicians on One Earth include Matt Steward, Magdalena Marino, and JFunkk Boekeloo.


     One Earth is the first release of a broader 7 CD project called, Safe In the World. Richards says, "Since 'One Earth' deals with our relationship with our home in the largest context, as well as our attention to her well-being, I thought this was a natural entree for the project…." The remaining Safe In the World CD's are due to be released throughout 2018 and 2019.



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