What is L3S?

L3S means being a

Life Long Love Sleuth!

It means having a curious, compassionate, concern about the choices you are making in your life.

Asking yourself, "Am I causing another to suffer by buying this product?"

And if the answer isn't apparent, becoming a sleuth to find answers.

This question is one that most vegans and vegetarians hold dear to their hearts, forever on the quest to reduce suffering and negative impact in the world.

Examples of how to be the change:

- Loving chocolate, but hearing palm oil can destroy Orangutan habitats, so choosing to eat palm-free chocolate only. 

- Wondering how down pillows get their feathers, and learning about the suffering that birds endure in the process, so making the choice to buy recycled poly-fill pillows instead.

- Loving those imported fruits from across the world, but pondering the fuel it took and carbon emissions created to fly them that far...

- And choosing to eat a more local choice, or purchasing from local farmers, because you love ol' Mother Earth, and don't want to pollute her.

L3S becomes a lifelong quest, cause as long as you walk the earth, choices will keep coming at'cha!

So Join the L3S cLub!