So much good stemming from your choices at the dinner table - that's awesome power!

Veganism is currently on the rise, and it's here to stay. And there are not only health benefits in choosing a more vegan diet, but also world and climate changing benefits for choosing your plant-based diet. By increasing your vegan meals, you can help save the planet, reduce improper farming practices, reduce carbon and methane emissions, create a greener world, and be a better, healthier you.

Basically, the more lovin' veggie meals you eat, the more good you do in the world and for yourself!

It's the ripple effect - like throwing a pebble in the water!

In the same way, eat a veggie meal and ripples of good things start to occur:

- you live longer!

- you get healthier!

- you help protect the earth by reducing greenhouse gases!

- You help save animals lives

- You help reduce animals' suffering...

More Stats Coming!

There's a lot of cool vegan food statistics coming! Check back soon!