The Badge

VCC badge-01.png

Why a badge?

I missed out on the whole boyscout/girlscout badge thing, but what a great concept — earning a badge when you achieve something


From my perspective, you do so much good in the world by choosing a veggie diet, or by choosing to eat ever more veggie meals if you are a carne or omni eater, that you deserve a badge!

I worked with talented artist, Lonny Marino, and came up with this design...

You can download it,  embroider it and wear it proudly! Or you can download it, frame it and place it somewhere as a great conversation starter! Or you can use it as a bumper sticker! Put it on your hat! Print it huge and hang it on your wall!

The point is, you are putting your love into action and helping to better the world - so

let's celebrate you!

Get the Badge!